Welcome to the Wirral Mini and Junior Football League.

Affiliated to the Cheshire FA.

Handbook and Rules (Approved by Cheshire FA)

Following feedback from the League secretaries meeting on November 20, it has been agreed that, for safeguarding reasons, all player details will be removed from the site to guest visitors. Managers or secretaries are still able to login and view these details.

Children playing

Player Noticeboard

Are you looking for a team? The following teams are all looking for players. Or you can enter your details and team managers will be able to see your information and contact you (nobody else will be able to see this information).

Under 12

Birthday cake

Upcoming birthdays

  • Charlie Monaghan
  • Joe Whitcombe
  • Charlie Birkett
  • Jake Cockcroft
  • Alex Murray
  • Lewis Nevin
  • Nathan Day
  • Alfie Hurine
  • Alfie Hurine
  • Sebastian Mallucci
  • Sebastian Mallucci
  • Shea Allen
  • Shea Allen
  • Fraser Carswell
  • Fraser Carswell
  • Samuel Dunne
  • Oliver Lloyd
  • Liam Pendleton
  • Liam Pendleton
  • Kyle Dickson
  • Jack Hebden
  • Lewis Quayle
  • Shay Black
  • Evan McLaughlin
  • Joseph Bythell
  • James Humble
  • Connor McCausland
  • Connor McCausland
  • Daniel Maguire
  • Tom Cadden
  • Riley Jones
  • Joe Ellis
  • Patriclk Laws
  • Daniel Munnerley
  • Gregory Blair
  • Gregory Blair
  • Thomas Egerton
  • Paulo Infante
  • Will King
  • Mathew Lightfoot
  • Luke Robinson
  • Luke Robinson
  • Jonathan Williams
  • Joel Brown